warning signs your pet has tick infestation

4 Warning Signs Your Pet Has Tick Infestation

Discover the 4 warning signs your pet has tick infestation: find out how to identify and prevent them Ticks are commonly found around pets. While they may seem harmless, they aren’t. They attach themselves to your pet’s body and suck their blood and make pets uncomfortable. If left untreated, ticks can transmit a host of […]

top feline traits

5 Feline Traits – Understanding Your Cat’s Personality

Read and learn the secrets of your cat’s personality with 5 feline traits Like humans, every cat has unique characteristics that make it different. A study in the Daily Mail reveals that cats have five personality types that develop due to complex interactions between genetics and experiences. We have discussed five feline traits to help […]

how to treat minor pet wounds

5 Simple Ways To Treat Minor Pet Wounds At Home

Why you should know how to treat minor pet wounds at home – 5 simple ways to keep your pet safe and healthy Like humans, pets can experience minor wounds, occasional cuts, or abrasions. As dogs are more exuberant and playful than felines, they get more injuries. Since every injury does not require veterinary attention, […]