5 pet safety tips

What Are Some Must Know Pet Safety Tips?

Are you a pet lover? Here are some must-know pet safety tips from top veterinarians in Charlottesville Pets are like family members and very dear to our hearts. When we own a pet, keeping them safe, happy, and well-fed becomes our responsibility. Pets are no different from babies and require constant attention and care. It […]

provide proper dental care to your cat

How to Provide Proper Dental Care to Your Cat?

Learn from top veterinarians how to provide proper dental care to your cat Good dental health for cats ensures their health and wellbeing. This prevents them from developing periodontal diseases which can be painful and require extensive treatment. Wild cats have a natural mechanism of keeping their teeth clean by chewing on bones and carcasses. […]

top veterinarians describe most common types of cat allergies

What Are The Most Common Types of Cat Allergies?

Here are the 4 most common types of cat allergies that you may not be aware of An allergy is basically an overreaction of the immune system. When the immune system misdiagnoses a harmless substance as something dangerous, it goes into overdrive and tries to expel it from the body. Sneezing, itching, coughing, and vomiting […]