what are dog fleas

What Are Dog Fleas – Signs, Symptoms, and Treatment

Learn what are dog fleas and how to prevent an infestation directly from vets Dogs are man’s best friend. They are an absolute delight and one cannot get enough of them. Just like humans, they are prone to falling ill and getting infected with different diseases. Most dogs have beautiful, thick, and silky fur which […]

simparica trio get rid of dog ticks

Simparica Trio – 5 Problems, One Solution

Most dogs have thick warm fur which we love to tickle. The fur is essential for regulating their body temperature. However, the fur also invites a host of parasites in the form of fleas and ticks which can lead to an infestation. A tick infestation is quite problematic because of the following reasons: They feed […]

safety tips for pets during halloween

4 Profound Halloween Safety Tips for Pets

Here are some of the best Halloween safety tips for pets from veterinaries Humans and their pets share an unbreakable bond and the two have coexisted peacefully for centuries. However, this does not mean that pets and their masters always share the same perspective and are on the same page. Whereas Halloween is an enjoyable […]