Why Does Wellness Exam Important for Pets? Veterinarian Explains

Wellness Exam Is Important for Pets

A wellness exam for your pet is a medical examination that includes but is not limited to a yearly physical check-up, in which the aim is to detect disease early and ensuring the healthy life of your pet. Unfortunately, recent statistical numbers show that visits to veterinarians are declining and the preventable diseases in pets […]


Did you know a dog can die from heat stroke in 15 minutes?

It is that time of year again! The summer! Of course it gets hot! Keep your dog cool! Here are some things to look out for… Seizures Panicked look & Glassy eyes High body temperature Racing heart beat Staggering or collapsing Red, purple, or blue gums & tongue Vomiting Excessive drooling Heavy Panting A dog’s […]


Canine Parvovirus – Signs, Symptoms & Treatment

If you see any of the signs listed below in your dog please call us ASAP! (434) 971-9800 Parvovirus is very, very contagious in dogs and spreads via direct contact with an infected dog or via contaminated objects. Puppies are vaccinated for parvo at 6, 8, and 12 weeks of ago, but are vulnerable until […]