how to prevent rabies in dogs

Rabies In Dogs: Transmission And Prevention

Learn how to stop and spread rabies in dogs Rabies is a vaccine-preventable viral infection that attacks the brain and nervous system. Although all mammals are prone to it, rabies mainly affects carnivores including dogs and bats. While rabies is a fatal infection, it is preventable. This article provides comprehensive information about the rabies virus, […]

importance of dog dental health

6 Essential Tips To Improve Dog Dental Health

Learn how to enhance your dog dental health by using these suggestions According to American Veterinary Dental College, most canines show signs of periodontal disease before they turn 3. Many pet parents overlook the need for their dog’s dental hygiene. However, just like humans, healthy teeth and gums are vital for your dog’s well-being. Here […]

how to relieve separation anxiety in dogs

5 Techniques To Relieve Separation Anxiety In Dogs

Here are the top 5 techniques to relieve separation anxiety in dogs Dogs exhibit signs of fear and anxiety in several ways. If your dog acts out once or twice, it might not be something to worry about. However, it should not be overlooked if they regularly exhibit multiple signs of separation anxiety. Here are […]