alarming signs of depression in cats

8 Alarming Signs of Depression in Cats

Is your cat depressed? Here are 8 warning signs of depression in cats Being pet owners, we are responsible for the health and safety of our pets. While there has been a lot of research around the physical wellness of cats, not a lot has been said about their mental wellness. Cats, like humans, can […]

what are common food allergens for dogs

6 Common Food Allergens For Dogs

Veteriner in Charlottesville reveals common food allergens for dogs and their symptoms Food allergies are one of the most common allergies that dogs suffer from. Some breeds of dogs such as Boxer, Springer Spaniel, Dalmatian, German Shepherd, Miniature Schnauzer, Retriever Cocker Spaniel, Coolie, and Lhasa Apso have a higher susceptibility to food allergies. A food […]