Veterinary Dental month

Veterinary Dental Month

February is Veterinary Dental month. Please call ahead to reserve your spot. We are offering 15% off the package price that does not include bloodwork or to go home meds. Limited spots available so don’t wait. Call us at (434) 971-9800 or fill out our form here:  

guide to unsafe dog food

Recognizing Unsafe Dog Food Ingredients – A Beginner’s Guide

Explore the truth – A deep dive into unsafe dog food ingredients and how to protect your pup Providing the best nutrition for your dog is crucial but challenging, especially with the influence of marketing and economic factors. Making informed choices becomes essential amidst the flashy packaging and potentially misleading marketing. This article highlights unsafe […]

common pet toy hazards

7 Common Pet Toy Hazards To Watch Out For

Don’t let Fido fetch trouble: 7 hidden pet toy hazards you wouldn’t guess Welcoming a new pet to your family marks is a fulfilling and exciting experience, accompanied by substantial responsibilities. Whether your new companion is a lively puppy, a curious kitten, or any other pet, prioritizing their well-being is crucial. While toys make playtime […]