how to prevent rabies in dogs

Rabies In Dogs: Transmission And Prevention

Learn how to stop and spread rabies in dogs Rabies is a vaccine-preventable viral infection that attacks the brain and nervous system. Although all mammals are prone to it, rabies mainly affects carnivores including dogs and bats. While rabies is a fatal infection, it is preventable. This article provides comprehensive information about the rabies virus, […]

why your cat is not eating

4 Alarming Reasons Why Your Cat Is Not Eating

Read and learn four concerning causes of why your cat is not eating When a cat suddenly shows a lack of interest in food or stops eating altogether, it is often a sign of a more serious underlying problem. Take immediate action if your cat has skipped several meals or has gone a few days […]


Secret Santa Society

Dear Valued Clients, As the season of giving approaches, we are asking for your support. This year ATVC is partnering with the Secret Santa Society to help the many underprivileged groups in the Charlottesville area, including children, the elderly, and everyone in between having a hard time meeting their basic needs. We are collecting the […]