Are you a pet lover? You need to know these 7 alarming pet emergencies

Pets require our love and attention. Owning a pet is a full-time commitment. Ensuring the health and wellbeing of a pet is the owner’s responsibility. Hence, being a pet owner, you should be vigilant of some common medical emergencies which require immediate action.

Let’s learn more about them here.

1. Intense Bleeding

  • Intense bleeding can occur due to a number of reasons which include injury, diarrhea, or bleeding due to an internal cut. If the cause of bleeding is not found and remedied, excess loss of blood can occur. If the bleeding continues for five minutes or more, take your pet to a vet immediately. You may not be able to identify the cause of bleeding due to the thick fur that covers the body of the animal. Hence, taking it to the vet is the best option.

2. Strained Breathing

  • Breathing is the primary function of any living being. If your animal is choking or has trouble breathing, take him to a vet immediately. For safety purposes, learn how to perform basic CPR on an animal. Do not try to clear the air passage by yourself if you are not trained for it. Even if the animal starts breathing again, it is better to get him checked up to see if there is any damage to the internal organs of the animal which may have caused the choking.

3. Bloody Stool and Vomit

  • The appearance of blood in an animal’s stool, vomit, sputum, nose, ears, or mouth can be a sign of underlying medical issues. This should not be taken lightly and a thorough checkup of the animal should be conducted to identify the cause of the blood. It could be due to internal injuries which should not go unchecked.

4. Pain During Defecation

  • Pain during defecation or urination is a cause of concern. If your pet is hesitant in performing bowel movements or is visibly uncomfortable doing it, then he may be experiencing quite a lot of pain. Consult a vet to identify the underlying issue for your pet’s discomfort.

5. Consuming a Poisonous Item

  • Humans and animals have different digestive systems. Everyday food items which are edible for humans may be poisonous for animals. Chocolate is very dangerous for both cats and dogs. Ingestion of common household items such as multivitamins, antifreeze and pest poison, etc can be quite catastrophic.

If your pet consumes a poisonous item accidentally, seek immediate medical help.

alarming pet emergencies

6. Seizures

  • Like humans, seizure attacks occur in animals as well. Seizures happen due to a neural or cerebral malfunction. If your animal displays signs of seizures, take him to a vet. A vet will run tests and try to identify the cause of seizures. Issues with the brain cannot be ignored.

7.  Severe Pain and Anxiety

  • Animals are not good at communicating feelings of pain and discomfort to their owners. They usually hide pain during its earlier stage but when it becomes unbearable, they start exhibiting its sign. If your pet has become moody, is displaying anxiety or illness, or is wincing in pain, then consult a vet immediately. Pain is a sign of some underlying issue that should be treated right away.

Share your pet’s moodiness and change in behavior with the vet to better help him identify the root cause. By observing your pet, you may have an idea where the pain is occurring. This will help in the vet’s diagnosis.

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