Are you a pet lover? Here are some must-know pet safety tips from top veterinarians in Charlottesville

Pets are like family members and very dear to our hearts. When we own a pet, keeping them safe, happy, and well-fed becomes our responsibility. Pets are no different from babies and require constant attention and care. It is important to pet-proof your home and know which items pose potential hazards to your pets.

Pets can get stressed around holidays and special occasions as they cannot understand and anticipate the festivity and energy that surrounds the holiday season. Likewise, pet owners also need to be vigilant of the needs of the pet during different seasons.

Autumn Trails and Veterinary Center located in Charlottesville, VA has brought to you some important and must-know pet safety tips. If you are aspiring to adopt a pet, then learning these tips will be very beneficial for you.

Look Out for Potential Food Poisons

  • Certain foods which are normal and healthy for humans can be poisonous to different animals. For e.g. chocolate is harmful to dogs. Ingestion of chocolate, especially dark chocolate can cause food poisoning in dogs. Likewise, ingestion of onions, garlic, raisins, and grapes in large quantities can make dogs ill. Unbaked yeast bread, caffeine, alcohol, and xylitol are harmful to both cats and dogs.

Keep Your Pets Away From Harmful Household Liquids

Different household liquids such as detergents, bleach, cleaners, glues, and paints are made of dangerous and volatile chemicals. Keep them out of your pet’s reach as they are not aware of the risks they carry. These chemicals are so potent that they pose a threat not only through ingestion but also through contact with them.

  • Other chemicals such as automotive fluids, gardening liquids, and treatments should be kept at safe places where your pets can’t reach them.

Watch Out For Dangerous Domestic Goods

Simple household items such as a piece of string on the floor or a rubber band are potential safety hazards for dogs and cats. In a bid to play with these items, they can end up strangling themselves. They might be tempted to swallow the rubber band and string which can cause much distress.

  • Electrical cords also pose a potential safety risk for dogs and cats. Biting and chewing on electrical cords can result in electrocution as well. Keep them wrapped up and away from your pet’s reach.

Cats enjoy snuggling in warm and cozy places. A lot of domestic cats are attracted to the washing dryer as it presents an ideal cozy spot for them. Running the dryer without checking in first can lead to injury and even death.

pet safety tips

Beware of Medicine Poisoning

The medicines that are designed for humans can cause serious harm to pets if ingested. Make sure that your medicines are placed on a high shelf that cannot is inaccessible to pets. Whether they are OTC or prescription medicines such as antidepressants, ADHD medicine, birth control, or cholesterol-controlling medicines, they are all potential poisons for our furry friends.

Cigarettes Are Dangerous Too

  • Discarded cigarettes present a health risk to dogs and other pets as they contain significant amounts of nicotine. Ingestion of nicotine can harm the digestive system and even cause death in pet animals. Curious puppies and kittens can find discarded cigar or cigarette butts in trash cans and they may try to ingest them. Hence it is important to not keep any butts lying around and dispose of them safely and securely.

Being mindful of these safety tips will ensure the general well-being of your pets.