Learn what are dog fleas and how to prevent an infestation directly from vets

Dogs are man’s best friend. They are an absolute delight and one cannot get enough of them. Just like humans, they are prone to falling ill and getting infected with different diseases. Most dogs have beautiful, thick, and silky fur which keeps them warm. However, this fur also attracts a host of parasites.

Just like humans can get infected with hair lice, dogs are prone to getting a flea infestation. Let us see what are the signs of a flea infestation and how they are treated.

What are Dog Fleas?

  • Fleas are a common dog parasite. They inhibit the fur of a dog. One flea has a life span of 7-14 days. During this time, they reproduce and lay off multiple eggs. Female fleas lay approximately 40 eggs in a day. These eggs hatch to become larvae which not only infest the dog’s fur but can also infest the carpets and dog’s pen. 

The larvae hatch into full-grown fleas during summers and they latch onto dogs and cats. If you fear your dog has been infected with fleas, you should remember that fleas now also infest your home even if you cannot see them. 

  • Fleas are unhygienic and a health hazard. Let us take a look at some common symptoms exhibited by a flea-infested dog.

Symptoms of Flea Infestation in A Dog

Itchiness and Constant Scratching

Fleas cause itchiness and irritability in dogs. When fleas bite, the dog experiences a sharp pain. Along with that, the saliva of fleas is irritable for dogs. As a result, dogs constantly scratch, bite, and tear at their furs. Excessive scratching and itchiness are the most prominent signs of a flea infestation in dogs.

Locating Fleas in Your Dog’s Fur

  • Fleas are very small in size but they are not invisible. Fleas are usually 1/8 inch long and have a reddish-brown appearance. Fleas have powerful back legs which allow them to take long leaps. You can spot them with the naked eye if your dog’s fur is pale and light-colored.

Spotting Flea Dirt

Another sign of flea infestation is the presence of flea dirt. Flea dirt is basically flea droppings and looks like black flakes or pepper. Flea dirt can be seen on your dog’s fur. Flea dirt can also be found on bedding, carpet, and dog pens.

  • If you spot the above-mentioned signs, it means that your dog is infested with fleas. Taking timely action against fleas is important for the long-term health and wellness of your dog.

what are dog fleas signs and symptoms

How to Treat Flea Infestation?

There are many ways you can treat a flea infestation and prevent it from happening again. The following remedies are used by pet owners in the U.S and they work well against fleas infestations in dogs.

Oral Medication

Oral medicines work well against dog fleas. They work by killing fleas or rendering them sterile which makes them unable to reproduce. One such oral medicine is Simparica Trio by Zoetis Petcare. Its triple-action formula is effective against fleas, ticks, heartworm, and Lyme diseases, roundworms, and hookworms. 

  • Autumn Trails and Veterinary Center is located in Charlottesville, VA and their expert vets highly recommend the use of Simparica Trio for the fight against ticks, fleas, and other parasites. 

Spot Ons

Spot ons are tropical treatments. These are ointments and liquids that provide quick-fix against flea infestations. Spot on come in the form of a small vial that contains the liquid. This liquid is applied to the skin of the dog and not just the fur. The liquid kills the fleas and the eggs a few hours after the application.