Here’s the number one trick that will prevent and treat roundworms infection in dogs

Are you looking for tips on how to prevent your dog from getting infected by roundworms? No one likes to think about their furry companions to be affected like that, especially when this disease poses a potential health risk. But before we get into the nipping in the bud part of this subject, it’s essential to understand what causes this illness. 

How do dogs get roundworms? 

This is a very common illness, mostly caught by licking or sniffing of worms or larvae, shed and present in the feces of other affected doggies. In other cases, puppies are often born with them, passed on from their mother. 

  • These emissions can survive on land for weeks, months, and even as long as years. When nature’s works at play, they can also be transmitted through the air and the larvae can also move on their own. Your fluffy pet doesn’t necessarily have to go through the effort of licking at a soiled area infested with roundworms.

Despite the fact for these infections to be a stressful issue, don’t overburden yourself as almost every dog will once be infected by roundworms at some point in their life.  

How to check your dogs for roundworms?

Unfortunately, there is no way owners of an infected dog can perform a diagnosis by themselves. Unless treated regularly, it’s highly probable that your pet carries them, this may be visible as you spot one or more worms in their vomit or stool. 

  • Often signs like malnourishment, coughing, or diarrhea may be common reasons to be suspicious about an infection. Be sure to quickly consult a vet in order to avoid further complications. 

As per American Kennel Club, roundworms are extremely common in puppies, therefore it is okay for you to assume for your pet to be carrying them, and thus, we advise you to take them for routine check-ups every few weeks. 

Roundworms – Risk to Humans

If your pet sleeps in the same bed as you, gets its potty cleaned, and exchanges those lovey-dovey kisses, then you’re in for a lot more than just love! Doggies with roundworms cause significant problems to humans. This is especially when you have close contact with their poop, which can cause you to pick up infections that could lead to affect your eyes, lungs, heart, and a lot more. 

  • It is important to be aware of these problems in order to avoid health issues. Wear gloves and clean your hands after cleaning your pet’s poop. Children are at a higher risk due to their low immunity, therefore be sure to not leave them unsupervised.

how to treat roundworms infection in dogs like a pro

Getting rid of them – Treatments & Prevention 

Like any other infection, the process is very simple. Your veterinarian will give your pet medications like Simparica Trio that will work like magic. Don’t worry these are effective and safe. You might have to take samples of their stool and for your vet to check whether or not they are working fine. 

  • Pro tip: Give coconut oil. This works like a charm and is especially helpful to eliminate roundworms, which tend to cause an obstruction in the intestines. Start gradually and work up to 1 tsp per day per 10 lbs of body weight.

All in all, there’s no complete way of avoiding roundworms in dogs. Keep a close tab on the occurring symptoms and get them dewormed every 3 months. AutumnTrails and Veterinary Centre in Charlottesville, VA, offer all kinds of services and are extremely professional at what they do.