Here are some tips to care for your pregnant pet dog from vets

Our pets are an extension of our families, especially in the case of the ever-loving canine companion, the dog. This is why it is important to give them the love, care, and attention they require under circumstances, like when they are pregnant.

Finding out if your dog is pregnant can be a little difficult, but there are a few signs that you can keep a lookout for. Some of these signs are:

  •     Weight gain
  •     Increase in nipple size
  •     Swollen belly
  •     Tires more easily
  •     Nesting behavior
  •     More affectionate
  •     Irritability

Tips On Taking Care Of Your Pregnant Pet Dog

  • Although it’s a given that your pet dogs deserve love, care, and affection at all times, during pregnancies, you would have to put in an extra effort to make the process more comfortable for them. Here are a few tips that you can use to ensure that the process is made less exerting for them.


  • As your dog undergoes a pregnancy, it will exhibit an increased appetite and it is your responsibility to ensure they get proper nutrition. However, it’s not just about feeding them more as a higher intake of food during the initial phases of the pregnancy can be harmful. All you need to do is to ensure that the dog is on a healthy diet and is maintaining its weight.

After the first two halves of the pregnancy, it’s a given that they will start gaining weight. This is normal and here you will be required to give them extra portions. This increase in portions should be gradually added till they are consuming 40% more than their previous diets.


  • If you have noticed that your dog is pregnant, limit down their strenuous exercises. This will help enhance the formation of an embryo during the first two weeks of gestation. After the initial phase has passed, and the belly of the dog has enlarged, they can go back to their regular exercises.

However, we suggest keeping the strenuous work on the down-low to avoid any unnecessary stress and complications. The best way to ensure that your dog gets enough exercise during their pregnancy is to take them out on shorter more frequent walks. This will provide them with enough energy to carry their pups, without having to exert any of it unnecessarily.

Veterinary Visits

  • pregnant pet dogBefore your dog gets bred, take them for a veterinary visit to ensure they are medically ready to bear the burden of pregnancy. Ensure that they are up-to-date with all possible vaccinations to avoid any complications during the birth of the pups. You might also need to get them tested for any intestinal parasites, and would have to put them on medications prior to breeding if they are suffering from an infestation.

That’s not all. After the pregnancy is confirmed, make sure to visit the vet regularly and have them check your pet for any mechanical or anatomical issues that might cause complications during birth. If a cesarean is required, it’s best to have an appointment scheduled previously.

Additional Care

Finally, the last thing you should do to help your pet have an easier time going through pregnancy is to equip your house with things that might be helpful. Such things include:

  •     A thermometer to take their temperature.
  •     Non-skid bath mats to avoid hazards.
  •     Heat lamps.
  •     A whelping box.

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