Veterinarians in Charlottesville discuss the top 5 reasons why dogs are the best pets

Dogs fill our hearts with joy and pleasure. They greet us at door after a hard day at work and follow us around everywhere, wagging their cute little tails. They are the most popular pets with 48 million households in the USA have a dog as a pet. Owning a dog not only provides us companionship and joy, but it has multiple science-backed health benefits as well. Let us take a look at the top 5 reasons why dogs are the best pets.

1. Dogs Are Good For Stress Management

Stress is an inevitable part of a person’s life, but did you know that having a pet dog can lower the level of stress in your life? The reason is that dogs have a calming effect on humans. Even the small act of picking them up, cuddling, and playing with them can make us feel better. They manipulate our hormones in a way that we don’t feel burnt by different frustrations in our life. Dogs help us manage stress in the following ways:

  • They enhance our levels of oxytocin. It is a feel-good hormone that gives positive feelings.
  • Dogs reduce the production of cortisol levels in the body. Cortisol is a stress-related hormone. Higher levels of cortisol have been linked with more stress and frustration.

2. Dogs Gel in With Our Everyday Routine

  • Dogs have the inherent ability to adapt to their owner’s routine and become a part of it. They keep us company in all of our favorite activities and pastimes. You can take them out for a run, go on a long drive in the car or just casually snuggle with them on the couch. They are ready for anything and are in tune with your owner’s moods. Unlike other companions, they don’t argue with you are up for anything, anytime.

3. They Let Us Sleep Better

  • why dogs are the best petsAll dogs have an instinctive need to protect their owners. With a dog in the house, the owners sleep better and more peacefully, knowing that their dog will do a good job at scaring and fending off any intruder. Along with that, dogs are great cuddlers, and sleeping next to a dog gives a sense of security and comfort to the owners. They don’t need bathroom breaks as frequently as cats and let their owners sleep peacefully.

4. Dogs Encourage Us to Get More Exercise

  • Dogs are active and energetic. They love the outdoors. To keep up with their energy, most dog owners engage in physical exercise as well. As per a survey, dog owners walk for an extra 200 minutes than the average person. Playing frisbee with them or taking them out for a jog will give you much-needed exercise and keep you on your feet.

These energetic exercises will not only help you bond with your best buddy but will also stave off your chances of developing type 2 diabetes, cholesterol, and high blood pressure.

5. They Improve The Quality of Life

  • Dog ownership comes with physical, psychological, and emotional benefits. Dogs are an excellent antidote to loneliness, isolation, and depression. They instill a sense of responsibility and make us more disciplined. In short, dogs improve the quality of our lives by making them more meaningful, active, and emotionally satisfied.

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