Learn here some tips from veterinarians on how to keep your  dog safe during Halloween

Halloween is one of the most enjoyable times of the year. Children and adults alike participate in the fun tradition of trick or treating and dressing up as different characters to commemorate the spirit of Halloween. However, this “fun” holiday does not come too easy for our furry friends. The hustle and bustle of Halloween, loud noises, the frightening lighting and costumes and strangers ringing your doorbell every now and then are causes of alarm for your dogs. All these factors stress them out. Along with that, there are many health and safety hazards lurking around your home during Halloween.

Hence, to avoid any accidents, adopt a proactive approach and take the following measures to keep your dog out of harm’s way:

Halloween Candies Are A Big No-No For Dogs

Halloween is an occasion that is characterized by the exuberant display and exchange of candy. While humans enjoy indulging in candy, it is very dangerous for dogs and cats. Consumption of candy, especially chocolate is lethal for dogs. Dogs cannot digest chocolate and it can cause chocolate poisoning. Its symptoms are:

  • Vomiting
  • Diarrhea
  • Increased breathing
  • Elevated heart rate
  • Seizures

Most candies contain a compound called ‘xylitol’. It is an artificial sweetener that is toxic for dogs. If consumed, xylitol can cause a sudden drop in blood sugar levels and can cause seizures and the loss of coordination. In extreme cases, xylitol can cause liver failure in dogs. Hence, candy should never be fed to dogs and it should be kept out of their reach to avoid medical emergencies.

Don’t Leave Your Pets Unattended in The Backyard

  • There is a lot of rowdiness around the Halloween season. Some vicious pranksters may play pranks on your dog if he is left unattended in the backyard. Along with that, the lightning, noise, and colorful decorations may alarm your dog and cause him to run away. To avoid such incidents, it is recommended o keep your pets indoors during Halloween festivities.

Monitor Their Movements and Keep Them Away From The Door

  • keep your dog safe during halloweenIf you live in a busy neighborhood full of kids, chances are your doorbell won’t stop ringing the entire evening and late till night. Most dogs have some degree of stranger anxiety, so seeing different strangers dressed in weird costumes will make your dog very uncomfortable. With all the unusual commotion, they might try to escape or show unexpected aggression towards the trick or treaters. Hence, to avoid any incidents keep them in a secure room and away from the front door.

Keep Them Away From Halloween Plants

  • A lot of Halloween decorations include displays of pumpkin and corn. Your dog may be tempted to ingest the uncooked and moldy seeds of these plants. Ther ingestion can cause multiple gastrointestinal issues such as stomach upset, blockage in the intestinal lining, diarrhea, and nausea. Even worse, if the seeds of Halloween plants are old and moldy, they release mycotoxins which can cause multiple neurological issues in cats and dogs. Hence, it is advised to keep pumpkin and corn stalks out of the reach of domestic pets to avoid unforeseen accidents.

Following the above-mentioned tips will keep your dog out of harm’s way. In case of any medical emergency, take your dog to a vet on an urgent basis. Autumn Trails and Veterinary Center provides urgent care services to deal with all medical emergencies. Call us at 434-971-9800. We are located in Charlottesville, VA.