Learn some tips to keep your cat healthy and warm throughout this winter

Whether your cat spends a little time outside or lives all day inside, it is vital to ensure that felines are protected from the cold. Access to food, water, warm shelter, and proper planning can help your cats thrive through the winter. Here are a few things you can do to keep your cat safe, healthy, and warm this winter.

Keep The Litter Box And Bed In A Warm Area

  • Felines usually like to have their litter boxes and beds set where they can get a little privacy. However, during the colder season, ensure the beds or litter boxes are not placed in drafty, cold locations. Instead, place the litter box away from the drafty areas and move the bed closer to the fireplace.

This will prevent your cat from getting cold whenever she has to nap or urinate. In addition, if the litter box is placed in a colder area, the cat is more likely to begin doing her business in other places of the home to avoid getting cold.

Provide Ample Food And Water

  • Extra food and water supply during winter can help felines conserve energy and benefit from extra food. Furthermore, canned or wet food takes minimal energy for digestion. This means providing wet food will help cats conserve energy and spend it on keeping warm. In addition, instead of leftovers, be sure to provide only fresh food and water twice daily or as often as needed.

Tips To Prevent Cat Food From Freezing

  • If you are serving wet food, make sure you serve it in plastic containers. In frigid temperatures, provide dry food that does not freeze. However, it takes much more energy for digestion.
  • Use heated electric bowls for serving food. If heated bowls are not available, warm up canned food before serving.
  • A layer of insulation foam beneath the plastic feeding dishes will prevent the food and water from freezing as quickly.
  • A microwaveable heating pad under the feeding bowls can also keep the food warm for longer. A homemade heating pad can be made by heating fabric pouches filled with rice.

Invest In a Heated Cat Bed

  • Investing in a heated cat bed can keep your felines cozy, especially during the snowy weather. Heated cat beds can be easily bought from any pet store. Plug into the regular wall sockets to gently warm your cat while it naps. Heated beds are particularly beneficial in a cold home as they offer cats a warm place to curl up during the chilly days.

Keep Your Cat Active

  • During winter, cats usually spend their day snuggled up indoors. The lack of physical activity is not a good sign for your cat. Ensure that your cat gets plentiful exercise daily. Schedule a play time and provide toys that involve chasing after. Toy mice, balls with bells, and feathers on sticks are some favored cat toys.

Ensure Adequate Exposure To Sunlight

  • keep your cat healthy and warmTake your cat outside in the sunlight when it’s a sunny day. Cats can take advantage of the sun’s warmth even when it’s cold outside. Ensure that your cat finds a sunny spot to nap in the sunlight. Some cats particularly enjoy napping in the sunshine. If your cat does that often, set your cat’s bed near the window or consider making a shelf in the window for your cat.

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