Here are various factors to avoid and tips to increase the life of your dog

Pets are like family members. They love their owners unconditionally and receive care and protection from them. The natural lifespan of most domestic animals is usually shorter than humans. Hence, all pet owners must face the bitter reality that they will have to say goodbye to their pets at some point in time.

While death is certain, there are numerous ways to increase the lifespan of your dog. We have combined a list of important tips that can improve the quality and add a couple of healthy years to your dog’s life. So read on.

1. Establish a Healthy Diet Routine

  • Diet is the primary factor that determines the health of any living organism. Like humans, dogs need to be fed a healthy and balanced diet. Processed food such as meat by-products, sugars, sodium, and empty carbs are damaging for the health. They lead to obesity which is one of the causes of early death in dogs.

Watch out for the dog treats as well. Consider each treat like a candy bar and restrict the number of treats you feed your dog on daily basis. Raise your dog on a restricted-calorie diet and feed him home fresh meat, cooked salmon, and mixed vegetables. The metabolism of dogs is not as efficient and quick as humans so it is important not to overstuff your dog with food.

2. Make Them Exercise Regularly

Taking out your dog for jogging or playing in the backyard helps them stay active. As an added bonus, it helps you get your share of the exercise as well. Regular exercise provides the following health benefits to dogs:

  • Increases endorphins
  • Helps in mood regulation
  • Lowers stress
  • Maintains weight
  • Builds muscles mass
  • Prevents cardiovascular diseases

While taking them out for a walk in the park, let them go off-leash for a while and allow them to play with fellow dogs. Socialization and exercise can do wonders for your dog’s health.

3. Keep Their Minds Stimulated Too

  • increase the life of your dogA healthy lifestyle comprises of two factors: physical fitness and mental stimulation. To keep your dog happy and healthy, it is important to keep him mentally stimulated and challenged. If your dog doesn’t get to interact with a lot of people or other dogs, she may become bored and depressed which will impact her health.

Keep her busy and throw new challenges at her. Make her learn new tricks such as advanced obedience lessons and try new dog sports such as lure coursing. Spending quality time with your dog will strengthen your bond and keep her ticking.

4. Get A Regular Medical Checkup

  • Regular medical checkups are an important part of practicing preventive medical care. Even if you have a very healthy and physically fit dog, take him to a vet once or twice a year and get him thoroughly checked. Wellness exams will help identify any underlying health issues which can be treated right away without any delay.

Wellness exams give an accurate picture of the dog’s physiological wellbeing. Any deficiencies are pointed out and an expert vet will recommend certain foods and supplements to meet those deficiencies. Having your dog medically checked is your best shot at extending the life of your dog and adding quality to it.

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