Here are some basics of first aid for pets which you should know if you have one

There are many instances where pet owners find themselves in front of emergency care, waiting for a confirmation that their pet will be all right. In many cases, basic first aid can be very important in saving your pet’s life when it comes to such serious accidents. Even for non-fatal accidents, proper first aid can improve chances of healing and recovery.

What is First Aid?

  • Pet first aid is the administration of medical help in the event of an injury before professional veterinary services can provide help. It can be any form of help from stopping the bleeding to ensuring proper positioning when being transported to the vet. Although certain first aid tips may prove to be helpful, it is always better to know proper first aid as well.

Why Do Pets Need Basic First Aid?

  • Pets need basic first aid because in serious cases, their injuries may be more severe than you can tell. Since pets cannot speak, you have to be extra careful. Proper care and diligence on your end can help the pet recover and live a normal life once again.

Guide To Give First Aid To Pets In Certain Situations

Some of the most common situations where pets need basic first aid are as follows. We explain how to handle each situation in the best way possible.


  • Poisoning is common in pet owners and pets often eat or interact with harmful products in various settings. Some of the most common signs of poisoning are frothing at the mouth, vomiting, weakness, and watering eyes. It is easier to remove the poison that topically interacted with the skin of your pet than when it is ingested. Make sure to identify the source of poisoning and take your pet to emergency help.


  • Fractures are common, especially when it comes to smaller pets. You would be able to identify a major fracture if the pet is avoiding putting pressure or weight on certain areas of its body. Muzzle your pet to prevent it from biting anyone, and put them on a stretcher after identifying where the fracture is. Make sure you ask for help if you have a big pet that can’t be picked up alone.


  • Bleeding is most apparent when it is external. Your first course of action should be to stop bleeding. Do so by firmly pressing a cloth against the bleeding wound to encourage clotting. Hold the pressure on the wound for a minimum of 3 minutes to ensure proper clotting. If your pet has a severe gash, you can disinfect the wound and bandage it till professional medical help arrives.


  • first aid for petsTo help your pet during a seizure, remove any furniture or objects that can cause harm to it. Monitor the pet to make sure it does not hurt itself. Time the seizure and make sure to keep your pet in a quiet and warm place till the vet arrives. It is better not to move the pet or take it out to seek help, rather call the emergency services home.


  • If your pet is suffering from heatstroke, move it to a cool place immediately. Use a cold wet cloth to cover its head and body, constantly soaking in cold water to lower the temperature. You can also use running water over the abdomen and lower body of the pet to cool it down. Contact your vet immediately as your pet may get dehydrated very fast.

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