Read and learn the secrets of your cat’s personality with 5 feline traits

Like humans, every cat has unique characteristics that make it different. A study in the Daily Mail reveals that cats have five personality types that develop due to complex interactions between genetics and experiences. We have discussed five feline traits to help you better understand your cat’s personality.


  • Cats that fall into this category are commonly described as high-strung or anxious. Highly neurotic felines are shy, insecure, and cautious of new things and people. When they see someone new in the house, they quickly hide and stay there until the person leaves.

Cats with this trait will benefit from hideaways, cat trees, and places they feel safe. Furthermore, a covered litter box will help them relax. Cats will likely come out of their shell and interact once they become comfortable in the environment.


  • In simple terms, highly extraverted cats are described as curious cats. They are always in search of a stimulating and engaging activity. They tend to have a nosy personality and investigate everyone and everything in their territory.

However, they get bored quickly. If extraverted cats are not entertained, they turn to destructive behaviors. Cat scratches and restlessness will indicate their boredom. A wealth of engaging toys and playtime will help prevent destructive behavior. Therefore, the pet parents must schedule frequent playtimes to keep these cats happy and busy.


  • Felines with high dominance like to be the boss in their household. These cats are territorial and make it clear that their people, toys, and food belong only to them. Dominant cats do better in solo cat homes.

But they can also live with other pets as long as they have separate food bowls, toys, and litter trays. It is better to keep dominant cats indoors as they can get in trouble with dominant outdoor cats.


  • Felines with highly impulsive traits quickly react to everything. They hardly wait and think through something before reacting. This can involve running outside when they hear an unfamiliar sound, jumping at the TV screen without a second thought, and more.

Impulsive cats need a calming influence to keep their instincts in check because they are typically high in anxiety and energy. Impulsive cats thrive better in steady routines that prepare them for what comes next. Thus, allowing them to move through the world a bit more relaxed.


  • Everyone adores highly agreeable cats. These are the most friendly cats that will trot up to every new person at their door. They welcome petting with a head bonk and high tail. They are interested in cuddling and company, and these cats are happier in a multi-cat household.

Cats well-socialized as kittens are more likely to be agreeable in adulthood. The key to developing agreeableness is socialization with people, pets, and other stimuli. These stimuli can help older cats become more friendly with time.

Significance Of Five Feline System

  • feline traitsEvery cat is scored for these traits and has a unique combination of all five feline traits. Understanding your cat’s personality helps you understand how felines interact and communicate with the world around them. Knowing the unique ways, your cat expresses her needs enables you to meet their needs better and help them thrive.

In addition, the five-feline system is thought to help make successful matches between adopters and shelter cats. For instance, a highly dominant cat won’t be comfortable in a multi-cat house and will do better in a solo-cat household.

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