Why natural chews are the best choice for your dog’s teeth and well-being

While chewing is a natural behavior for pets, particularly dogs, it also helps improve oral hygiene and dental health. Chewing on natural chews removes tartar, releases endorphins, and prevents bad breath. However, it is essential to choose the right product. Keep reading to learn about the natural chews that are good for your dog’s teeth.

Antlers Chews

  • Antlers are one of the best natural chew options for your dog. Animals like elk, deer, moose, etc., shed these natural chews. Antlers serve as strong chews that last long. Gnawing on these chews satisfies the natural urge to chew while removing plaque buildup from your dog’s teeth. However, if your pet is new to antler chews, opt for moose paddles and split elk, which are softer introductory options.


  • Tracheas are an excellent option for removing tooth plaque and offer a moderate to easy chewing experience. In addition, their natural shape makes them a great enrichment chew. Stuff the trachea with your pet’s favorite treats and freeze it for a longer-lasting chew. This provides a fun activity that keeps your dog busy while promoting dental hygiene. Furthermore, tracheas are rich in glucosamine and chondroitin, which benefit joint health.

Hide Rolls

  • Hide rolls are treats derived from entire cow hides and contain all layers of the dermis, connective tissue, and hair. Compared to the artificially colored and glued rawhide rolls often found on grocery store shelves, hide rolls are a healthier chew option.

Natural whole hides with hair can boost gut health and eliminate parasites present in the GI tract. In addition, these chews do not contain lyes, salts, coloring, or preservatives and are a durable chew option to keep your dog’s teeth healthy and clean.

Cow Ears

  • Another beneficial rawhide alternative that dogs thoroughly enjoy is cow ears. Natural cow ears with hair provide a 100% natural chew that hasn’t been stripped of its health benefits. In addition, to offering a moderate chewing experience, cow ears keep your dog’s teeth strong, healthy, and pearly white. Moreover, the presence of hair in cow ears provides a natural source of the essential trace mineral, manganese, for dogs.

Raw Bones

  • While raw bones serve as an excellent and enjoyable chew for pets, avoiding cooked bones is crucial. Cooked bones can splinter and cause injury or pose a safety risk for your dog. Therefore, opt for raw bones, which promote clean teeth and mouth.

Since dogs are naturally evolved to gnaw and enjoy raw bones, you don’t have to worry about tooth damage. However, weight-bearing bones such as joints offer a more durable chewing option as they encourage gradual gnawing while ensuring a satisfying experience for your pet.

Bully Sticks

  • natural chewsBully sticks provide a natural and popular chew option for dogs. These are made from beef muscles and offer a long-lasting chewing experience. In addition, bully sticks are low in fat and highly digestible, making them perfect for dogs with stomach sensitivities or weight management issues.

Moreover, bully sticks reduce tartar buildup while exercising your dog’s jaw muscles. Thus, promoting optimal dental health and hygiene. Furthermore, bully sticks offer a natural alternative to artificial chews and are a favorite among canines for their wholesome chewing experience.

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