Dental Care

Pets need good dental health, too

Imagine not brushing your teeth or going to the dentist for years. That is how our pets might feel without regular dental care.

Regular cleanings and good dental hygiene can not only help eliminate bad breath and tooth pain, but also prevent more serious health problems. Bacteria from periodontal disease can spread from the gums to the heart, kidneys and liver.

We can provide dental care as part of a regular wellness appointment or during a separate visit. Appointments are conveniently available 8 a.m. to 8 p.m., 7 days a week. 

Our dental packages are charged based on the stages of dental disease:

All cleaning packages include anesthesia and fluids to help your pet remain comfortable during the procedure as well as scaling and polishing; Oravet barrier sealant; extractions (Stages 2 and 3); and a fluoride treatment. Additional charges may be necessary for blood work, long-acting injectable medications and prescriptions to go home.

Call us today at 434.971.9800 to learn how proper dental care at Autumn Trails Veterinary Center can make your pets happier and healthier.