As a loving dog owner, you try your best to keep your pet in the best shape possible. From feeding them on time, and ensuring that they get enough exercise and visits to a vet. But have you ever thought about your dog’s teeth health?

If not, then it is time to finally pay attention to this important matter. A dog has 42 teeth in comparison to a human’s 32 teeth, so it is even more important to take good care of your pet’s dental health. This will not only eliminate bad breath but will also ensure that your pet will live longer.

Autumn Trails veterinary center in Charlottesville has listed down 5 important tips that will help you take care of your pet’s oral health at home. Follow these closely and your pet will never suffer from dental problems.


Brush Your Dog’s Teeth

  • Just like humans, regular teeth brushing is crucial in making sure the dental health is perfect. Although this is a bit tougher to do, all you need to do is find a toothbrush made specifically for dogs and pets.

You will also need to pick up a toothpaste specially designed for your dog’s teeth and their digestive system. There are also many dental kits available to choose from which can help you do this easily.

  • When you are brushing your dog’s teeth, you can place the brush at a 45-degree angle to the teeth and use circular motions to get the job done. Work on a single area and move forward. The most important area you will have to focus is on the top area near the gum line.


Give Them High-Quality Feed

  • Dental health has a lot to do with what you feed your pet. If you want to improve the dental health of your dog, make sure to give them specific dog treats to keep their mouth in good health.

There is a range of dog food available that include additives to help keep plaque soft so it doesn’t convert to tartar later. If you are worried about the dental health of your dog, make sure to take them to a vet center for regular cleanings.

5 Tips on Taking Care of Dog’s Teeth Health

Don’t Give Your Dog Tooth Damaging Toys

  • When you are getting toys for your dog or pet, make sure that you do not pick toys that damage the teeth. For example, a tennis ball, although a very popular dog toy, can hurt their teeth. When the dog chomps on a ball, the fuzz on the ball can act as sandpaper that gradually wears down their teeth.

You should try your best to find toys made specifically for your dog. If you are not sure whether a toy is safe for your dog or not, it is best to consult with a veterinary before you give or buy that toy for your dog.


Get Your Dog’s Teeth Professionally Cleaned

  • Routine dental exams for your pet are very important and beneficial, especially if the dog has very crowded teeth or you are having difficulty brushing their teeth at home. At Autumn Trails, we provide dental services for pets at very affordable costs.

Our team conducts a three-stage dental exam that starts by examining the presence of plaque and tartar on teeth. If a periodontal (gum) disease is present, greater care is given to your pet. All the packages offered here include anesthesia and fluids to help your pet remain comfortable whine dental procedures are being carried out.