No one knows when and how the phrase ‘dog is man’s best friend’ originated. But over the centuries, this phrase has proven to be true again and again. The symbiotic relationship between a man and his pup date back to 15,000 years ago. It has been a mutually beneficial relationship for ages.

Research has proved that owning a dog comes with a set of health benefits. Some of these benefits are improved cardiovascular health and a reduction in the risk of schizophrenia. 

Let us see what other benefits our canine friends bring and how they enrich our lives.

Dogs Share a Familial Bond With Their Owner

  • Goes without saying that dogs are extremely loyal towards their owners. They also take it upon themselves to sense and uplift our moods. All these reactions indicate that dogs view their owners as an extension of themselves. 

A scientific study carried out by Emory University reveals similar results. The dogs under study were presented with different stimuli and their reactions to those stimuli were gauged.

  • The dogs were placed in MRI machines and their brain activity was recorded in response to each stimulus. When dogs were presented with the scent of their owners, the reward centers in their brain showed the highest neurological activity. This solidifies the notion that dogs share a loving bond with their owners.

Your furball will always be your closest companion after your family.

Dogs Provide Emotional Comfort and Support

  • Dogs are intelligent creatures. They are often in tune with their owner’s emotions. Dogs gauge their owner’s emotions from their voice and body language. If they see their own in distress, their own facial expressions mimic sadness. Their eyes turn droopy and their demeanor becomes solemn.

Likewise, if they sense unease and fear on the part of their owner, they become protective. Dogs start barking at a person or object which they believe can harm their owner. The fur on their backs rise and they are ready to take the plunge for their human if need be.

  • Whereas fellow humans can sometimes be nonresponsive to your emotional needs, your furry friend will never be.

Dogs Keep Us Active and on Our Feet

  • Cats are usually lazy and prefer resting and snuggling next to their owner. Dogs are the exact opposite. They are full of energy and prefer being active. Going on walks or jogs with your dog is a fun activity. It will not only keep you active and moving but will also expand your social circle. 

A mutual interest in dogs is often a great topic for striking a conversation with a stranger.

Dogs Are Forgiving

  • Dogs are forgiving and do not hold grudges. Part of the reason for this forgiving trait is due to short term memory. Dogs tend to forget any bad blood between themselves and their owner. It means even if you scold your pet or forget to feed them, they won’t hold it against you.

This forgiving nature of theirs is a welcome change from the unforgiving nature of most humans. Hence dog really is the best friend a man can have.  

Your Dog Will Have Your Back

  • Dogs have been deployed as livestock guards for centuries. Your dog will act as a loyal watchdog and will watch over yourself and your family. Dogs can detect danger better than us and they instinctively guard their territory. You can always rely on your furry friend to watch your back.

Dogs serve us in multiple ways. They are selfless and loyal. We owe it to them to take care of their health and wellness. If you are looking for a trustworthy veterinary center in Charlottesville, VA for your dog, we have just the one for you.

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