Pets bring joy to our lives. Our emotional connection with them is as strong as what we share with close friends and family. Pets provide us company when we are alone. They also assume the role of a caregiver (even if not in the conventional sense) when we get sick. Hence, it is no surprise that 85 million Americans own pets. They are always there for us. 

Pets fill our lives with happiness, but they do a lot more than that. There are some less pronounced health benefits to owning a pet. Let us see how they assist us in living healthier and  more meaningful lives:

Physiological and Psychological Benefits

Empirical evidence suggests that pets have the ability to uplift their owner’s mood and relieve stress. Pets provide emotional support to their owners. They can sense their masters’ gloominess and often try to cheer them up. Spending quality time with pets helps lower anxiety.

They are also excellent companions in troubling times because they offer more and demand less. Reduction in physiological and psychological stress results in improved quality of life.

Pets also help with anger issues and help regulate their owners’ moods. The simple act of stroking your pet’s head or having them purr in your lap reduces instant flashes of anger.

The innocence, vulnerability and dependency exhibited by pets bring a sense of calmness to the owner’s moods. So the next time your fur ball gives you a hug, be grateful and enjoy the moment. Such joyous interactions will add positive years to your life.

Improved Physical Fitness

Pets keep you on your toes. You get a great deal of exercise in carrying out their everyday activities such as bathing, feeding and cleaning their litter pans. If you own a canine, his energy will keep you active throughout the day.

Taking your dog for a walk is a great way to keep the two of you entertained. It is less strenuous and more fun than regular exercise. A trip down the park with your dog is more of a leisurely activity but it has the same health benefits as brisk walk.

Cats are less energetic than dogs but they too keep you occupied throughout the day. Cats enjoy indoor activities like chasing a ball or string around the room. Plan out these fun games with your cat and you will be compensated for skipping your routine workout.  

Pets Help you Socialize

Pets can be natural conversation starters when interacting with fellow pet lovers. Pet owners display higher levels of social engagement. You might interact with more people than usual when you go on a walk along with your furry friend.

Conversations which start over converging interests in animals can result in long-term friendships or relations. Owning a pet also sends in a more positive and friendly image of the owner to other people. 

Dogs are particularly magnets for attracting people. Having a dog will save you from social isolation if you’re naturally shy and might help you land more dates. 

Pets Fetch Laughs and Keep you Ticking

Pets and babies are similar in the sense that they are both adorable and often bring smiles on our faces due to their antics. What is funnier than watching a puppy chase his own tail and fail to do so?

Other adorable antics such as chasing a fly and being protective of you in the presence of another animal will fetch some heartily laughs. 

Laughter is the cure of all ailments. So the next time your pet goes berserk while chasing a piece of string on the floor, have a good laugh and enjoy every moment spent with your furry friend. 

Pets are Therapeutic 

Studies have revealed that the calming and positive effects of owning a pet can help lower blood pressure. Pets are specially therapeutic for hypertensive patients.

Pets provide companionship, help you get through difficult times and are low-maintenance. You cannot ask for a more wholesome package of unconditional love and friendship.

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