Here are the benefits of regular pet preventive care for your pet

Preventive care is as essential for pets as it is for humans. Why? Because a veterinarian can detect and prevent life-threatening conditions early on. This saves pet owners money and heartache in the long run. Learn how checking with your vet at least once a year can make a difference.

Importance Of Annual Veterinary Checkups

  • A routine physical exam with your veterinarian at least once or twice a year is essential, even if your pet seems perfectly healthy. The annual wellness checkups help your pets achieve and maintain optimal health.

When a healthy pet is taken to the vet regularly, the veterinarian gets a chance to assess the pet’s general health and conduct tests for diseases and conditions that are treatable when diagnosed in the early stages. Early treatment saves your pet’s life and your money.

The goal of annual checkups is:

  • Preventing diseases from turning into life-threatening conditions
  • Detecting signs and symptoms so early treatment can be initiated

How Often Should Your Pet Visit A Vet?

  • The frequency of veterinary visits is determined by the pet’s medical history and age. For instance, if your pet has a history of diseases but is currently healthy, book two annual visits to ensure your pet stays as healthy as possible. The vet will examine your pet’s condition and tell you how often the visits should be planned. Since the immune system is still developing, young pets are more susceptible to many illnesses than adult pets.

For this reason, it is crucial to book regular checkups for young pets. However, adult pets without a history of diseases should see a vet yearly. Pets such as senior dogs and cats are at a greater risk of catching diseases or infections. Therefore, veterinary appointments should be scheduled more often for these pets.

Provide the basic medical information about your pet, especially during the first visit. Bring notes on the following information:

  • Eating and drinking habits of the pet
  • Changes in toilet habits or eating patterns
  • Active disease the pet is suffering from
  • Past medical records
  • Names and dosages of the medications the pet is taking
  • Recent treatments and travel history
  • Vaccine history
  • Tick bites

In addition, it is advisable to bring your pet’s favorite blanket or toy to keep it calm and comfortable. Dogs should be on a leash, and cats in a carrier.

What’s Included In An Annual Checkup?

pet preventive careThe vet performs a physical exam that varies depending on each pet’s condition. However, generally, it covers the following points:

  • Examination of the eyes for signs of cloudiness, discharge, excessive tearing, cloudiness, or redness.
  • Measurement of the pet’s weight, gait, and stance.
  • Signs of diseases are checked through palpitation.
  • Sound of the pet’s lungs and heart
  • Any issues with eyelids
  • Observation of the symptoms, such as limited range of motion or signs of swelling and pain
  • Checking whether internal organs appear normal
  • Looking for signs of pain or discomfort
  • Checking pet’s nails and feet for signs of health concerns or damage
  • Signs of ear wax buildup, polyps, ear mites, or bacterial infection
  • Teeth inspection for indications of decay, damage, or periodontal disease
  • Signs of abnormal hair loss or dandruff
  • Inspect the skin for dermal concerns, including bumps, allergies, or dryness.

If no issues are detected, you are good to take your pet home. However, if any health concern is detected, your vet will discuss the next steps or potential treatment options.

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