Here are some tips to make pet boarding experience better

Boarding can be stressful for pets that are not well socialized with other animals or have separation anxiety. Although no pet owner wants to leave their beloved pet behind, sometimes it can be necessary. This is especially true when the owner has to be away on business or if the pet needs to spend a few days at the vets.

Why Is Boarding So Scary For Pets?

  • Pets take their time getting used to new experiences such as boarding. This is mainly because they are used to having you around and feel anxious in a lack of your presence. A foreign environment and sometimes the sounds and smells of other animals nearby can scare your pet.

Tips To Make Your Pet More Comfortable With Boarding

  • Every pet owner wants to make their pets as comfortable as they can be when they’re away. To do so, choosing the right boarding place is the most important thing. However, you need to take additional steps to ensure your pet is also at ease. Some of the most effective ways to do so are as follows:

Bring Their Favourite Toys

  • Pets can be sentimentally attached to their toys. Sending your pet’s toys with them is an excellent way to make them feel more comfortable in a new environment. These toys often keep them entertained and help lower their anxiety. You can pack their favorite toys in a box and give them to the workers in the boarding establishment. Make sure you have made a list of the toys you send so they don’t get misplaced.

Pack Their Favourite Treats

  • Packing your pet’s favorite treats is a good way of helping the boarding staff get friendly with your pet. Your pets will trust them more easily and be less resistant to their help. This can help establish a good relationship between your pet at the boarders. Send treats in an airtight container and mention how often and what quantity your pet is allowed to have.

Send Their Bed With Them

  • If your pet’s bed can be moved easily, you should send it with them. Their bed often has scents from the house that put them at ease and made them feel like they’re in a friendly environment. If the bed is not moveable, you can send a blanket or pillow that they usually have on their bed.

Discuss Your Pet’s Medical Needs

  • pet boarding experienceAnother vital thing to consider when boarding your pet is to make sure the staff is well aware of the pet’s medical needs. It is good to take along copies of its medical records and any medication the pet is currently on. This includes food supplements or vitamins that the pet is on.

Explain How To Lower Its Stress

  • Each owner has a different way of reacting to stressed pets, and the pets themselves have certain things that lower their stress. Sharing any tips or tricks with the staff can help calm your pet down if it feels panicked. This is especially important if you leave your pet overnight at the vets.

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