2020 is unveiling itself to be a year like no other. Covid-19 pandemic has brought the whole world to a standstill. Our daily routines have been disrupted. Slowly, we are learning to adapt to these new circumstances.

The practices of social distancing and self-isolation are being preached and followed. These trying times are not only stressful for humans, but also for animals as well.

Pets, like humans, are being limited to homes and are restricted from outdoor movement. However, unlike us, they neither understand the rationale for restricted movement, nor the gravity of the situation. Hence, it falls upon us to take extra care of them.

Pets are dependant on humans for all their needs. There is a growing concern among pet owners regarding who would take care of their pets if the owner falls prey to the malignant virus.

Let us see how to keep our pets healthy and happy during these troubling times and what necessary arrangements should be made for emergency situations. 

Contact a Veterinary Boarding Center in Case of a Medical Emergency

  • Coronavirus infections have been on the rise in America since day one. You must have a contingency plan in case you contract the virus and fall sick. Identify and contact a veterinary boarding center that can take care of your pet if you no longer can. 

If you are residing in Charlottesville, VA, contact Autumn Trails Veterinary Center. They have skilled staff to look after your pet and treat him with love and care. Multiple professional vets are employed by Autumn Trails to look after your pet’s health.  

Stock Up on Pet Care Supplies

  • Most cities and states have been undergoing impromptu lockdowns. It is important to prepare beforehand for such a situation.

Stock up on pet care supply items; such as medicines, toiletries, food, and supplements. You should have ample stock which will last you for a month. 

Keep Your Pet Active and Moving

  • Lockdown and restriction on free movement have limited our activities. Animals enjoy outdoor activities and it is against their nature to stay holed up indoors for prolonged times.

To compensate for the lack of physical activities – like a walk in the park – engage in indoor games with your pets. This will keep both of you active and save you from becoming lazy and obese. 

  • You can play hide and seek, chase the ball, and blow bubbles for your pet to chase. Such fun activities will also provide you mental relief along with physical.

Feed in Moderation

  • Staying at home has given us a lot of time at hand. The lack of positive activity makes us do one thing we love the most: EAT.

During these difficult times, we are inclined to munch more food than what is required. You might also be overfeeding your pet.

  • This is not good for his health. As reported by Pet Obesity Survey, 56% of pets owned by Americans are already above their healthy weight. Be mindful of the quantity and quality of food you give your pets during the lockdown.

Keep Calm and Wait for the Storm to Pass

  • Pets sense our moods and thrive on our energy. Every day we are receiving distressing news regarding the health and financial crises sparked by Covid-19. Hence, it is natural to get stressed out. 

Your nervousness and anxiety will have a domino effect on your pets. They too will become edgy and cause trouble for you. We recommend you to keep calm and practice relaxing exercises with your pet.

  • Breath deeply and pet them gently. Observe 15 minutes of silence along with them and focus on creating positive energy.

Following these tips will enable you to take good care of your pet in this pandemic.