Learn these general pet care rules to ensure your furry friend is always healthy

Pets are an important part of our life. They bring endless joy in our life and ward off loneliness. All pet owners owe it to their pets to take good care of them and look after their needs. In the previous article, we discussed some general pet care tips. Let us continue exploring along the same theme.

Spaying or Neutering Upon Reaching A Certain Age

Spaying or neutering are surgical procedures that are performed to sterilize the pet animal. It involves the removal of a pet animal’s reproductive organ. Vets recommend getting your pet sterilized as it has multiple health and behavioral benefits. The term spaying is used for female animals and neutering for male animals.

Spaying involves the removal of ovaries and the uterus. It has the following benefits:

  • Prevents complicated and unwanted pregnancies
  • Reduces the risk of cervical and ovarian cancer in kitties
  • Prevents the development of aggressive and stray behaviors such as leaving the home in search of a partner.
  • Nearby male cats will not approach your cat with untoward aggressiveness.

Neutering or castration involves the removal of testicles. It offers the following benefits:

  • Prevents the development of testicular cancer.
  • Keeps aggression under control especially upon reaching puberty.

Most experts agree that dogs should be sterilized when they reach the age of 6 months.

Providing Them Comfortable Living Space

  • For comfortable living, it is important to provide your pets with a safe and cozy living space that is suitable for their needs. Make sure that your pup’s dog bed is in good shape and is spacious. Nowadays, multiple dogs and cat beds are available in the market which keep your pet cozy. Make sure to replace them if they become damaged or worn out.

Keep your kitty’s litter box clean and hygienic. Other than that, it is important to pet-proof your home and get rid of any household items that can be dangerous for them.

Teach Them The Art of Socializing

  • Socializing with other animals is an important aspect of their well-being. Animals do well when they get opportunities to interact and play with other animals, preferably of their own species. Dogs are prone to depression caused by loneliness. To have a healthy social life, discipline them and shape them into well-behaved animals. Toilet training and obedience training are two important components of socialization. These skills will help them develop a stronger bond with their owner and with other animals.

Take your pet out for regular walks in the park where it can meet other animals and interact with them. Arrange pet playdates every once in a while. Such fun and healthy exercises allow pets to exhaust excessive energy and not engage in destructive activities or show unnecessary aggression.

Prevent Parasitic Infestations

  • general pet carePets are often plagued with parasitic infestations. Roundworms, hookworms, tapeworms, and fleas are the common parasites. Parasite infestations can cause extreme discomfort, skin and hair loss, hot spots, and accompanying infections. Parasitic infestations spread like fire to other animals sharing the space and can be transmitted to humans as well.

To keep these infestations at bay, take preventive steps such as the administration of oral medicine for parasite control, maintaining the hygiene of your pet and the place where he lives.

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