Here is the list of 6 exotic pets you can own today

Due to social media and various other influences, people love having pets that set them apart from everyone else. For most people, this means owning pedigree breeds of cats and dogs with majestic features and excellent grooming. However, some people feel the need to own unusual and exotic pets that most people would not consider. Let’s look at the most uncommon pets popularly found in households.

Why Do People Keep Uncommon Pets?

  • People keep uncommon or exotic pets for several reasons. For some, they find the creatures too adorable to ignore. For others, it could be personal affinity or internet trends. Pets can also be a reflection of a person’s ideal spirit animal or the kind of energy they embody. Hence as long as the owner is committed to loving their pet, the species does not matter to them.

The Risks Associated With Keeping Uncommon Pets

There are certain risks associated with keeping uncommon pets. Some of which are:

  • Uncommon pets can carry many zoonotic diseases.
  • There hasn’t been enough research to study their behavior.
  • They can pose threat to children or others in the house.
  • Sometimes it is difficult to find vets that tend to them.
  • You have to make sure your pet fits state laws for pets.

Most Uncommon Pets Found In Households

  • Although you might have guessed some of the pets on our list, there are still others that might come as a shock. Here are the six most uncommon pets found in households:


  • Although most people are scared of even the smallest of spiders, Tarantulas are found in certain households. They can be kept in tanks or can live in the house like how pets normally do. Tarantulas are affectionate and can recognize their owners and interact well. They usually do not cause problems especially if you have been raised once since it was little.

Pygmy Goat

  • If you want a pet that will keep you on your feet and engage with you, there is none quite like the pygmy goat. These pets are cute, cuddly, and very affectionate, almost to a point where they might be considered clingy. However, they require open spaces with grass as well and need to be trained to not destroy furniture around the house.


  • If there was an animal that could be a celebrity on the internet, it would be the opossum. These marsupials caught the internet by storm due to their carefree spirit and dramatic aura. People keep opossums because they are cute, cuddly, and just so relatable at times. They make the best stock photos for memes and can even be your best friend.


  • Foxes have become a common choice for many due to their playful nature and squeal-like laughter. However, they can be very hard to maintain and need large open spaces to live in. You would need to make sure your fox is vaccinated and ensure a proper diet as well. Fennec foxes are the most suitable option.

Sugar Glider

  • exotic pets you can ownSugar Gliders are also known as pocket pets due to their small size. Since they are nocturnal, they will probably stay up all night and will sleep during the day. You can easily teach them how to do various tricks and they are cuddly by nature.


  • Saving the most uncommon for last, Skunks can be found in some households. Owners opt to have their scent glands removed so that they do not stink. Other than that they make cuddly and cute pets who are very low maintenance.

Always remember that uncommon or exotic pets cannot be abandoned or released into the wild under the false hope that they will survive. You need to make sure you take care of them responsibly and do not abandon them in an unfamiliar environment.

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