For pet lovers, here is the list of exotic animals that make amazing pets

Pet ownership has multiple benefits. Pets make us more responsible, give meaning and essence to our life and provide us with companionship and entertainment. Cats and dogs are the most common animals that are taken up as pets. However, there are multiple other exotic animals that make for interesting and amazing pets. If you are an animal lover who enjoys studying the characteristics and behaviors of different pets, then consider adopting the following animals as your new pets.


  • Hedgehog is a cute little spiny mammal that is found in Europe, Asia, Africa, and New Zealand. It looks like a cross between a rodent and a porcupine. However, it is not related to either of the animals, rather belongs to Erinaceinae – a separate subfamily of insectivores. Hedgehogs make for amazing pets because they are low maintenance, interesting, and easy to care for. They are also readily available at pet stores.

Here are a few basic facts about hedgehogs:

  • They are kind of aloof and don’t enjoy socializing with other animals of their type. Hence, it is better to adopt one hedgehog at a time.
  • Hedgehogs will happily survive a few days of separation from their owner and won’t miss them terribly. They are ideal for people who travel frequently.
  • They feed on a simplistic diet comprising fruits and insects. Store-bought foods work well for them as well.
  • Even though they are wild animals, but with the right handling, they can be tamed and domesticated.


Anthropods are a very interesting and unique choice of pet. The following anthropods make for great pets:

  • African millipedes: these animals are black in color and can grow up to 33.5 cm. They are low-maintenance anthropods that can be kept in an aquarium that fits their size and is adorned with forest substrate. African millipedes feed on decayed vegetables.
  • Giant land crabs: They are the largest terrestrial arthropod. Also known as moon crabs, these crabs are an uncommon yet interesting pet. You can feed them kitchen scraps and old pet food.


  • exotic animals that make amazing petsThis name may surprise you as skunks are infamous for their disgusting odor. However, skunks can be de-scented by removing their anal gland which is responsible for the foul odor they release. Skunks are low-maintenance animals that feed on an omnivorous diet comprising of fruits, vegetables, and dog food. For safekeeping, you can place them in a cage in your garden but don’t forget to take them out every day.

They are active and playful animals that need to move around frequently. Provide them with common pet toys to keep them engaged.

Non-Domestic Canines

  • If you want to take up the challenge of taming a wild canine, then Fennec Fox and Russian Silver Fox are good options for you. They are small animals that bear a resemblance to the average pet cat. However, don’t be fooled by their appearance as they display wild behavior and need to be tamed before letting them out in the open.

They are active hunters and predators. Hence, they need their space for roaming around and expending their energy. Their meowing can be loud and noisy but you will get used to it. They are energetic animals that play and interact boisterously. Both these foxes have a heightened sense of smell. Hence, it is more appropriate to keep their outdoors.

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