Here are some things to think about while choosing the best boarding facility for your pet

Leaving a dog behind during vacation is especially stressful when you do not have any trustworthy care for your pet. It is important to find a quality pet boarding facility for your dog. However, not all pet boarding facilities provide the same level of care. Here is a list of important factors that can help you choose the right place for your dog.

Schedule An Assessment Tour

  • When looking for a pet boarding facility for your dog you must choose the one that your dog is comfortable with. Several facilities allow walk-through tours with a staff member. That is the right time to see how comfortable your dog is. During the visit ask questions that you might have concerning the facility or your dog’s stay.

It is also important to get a full understanding of the amenities offered by the boarding facility before you make a decision. Moreover, you should assess the behavior of your dog and his response to the new environment to ensure the safety of your dog during the stay.

Check The Health Requirements

  • Some of the pet boarding facilities require pets to be fully vaccinated before they can come to stay. Your dog should be vaccinated for rabies, distemper, parvo, and Bordetella before the stay.

It is therefore important to consult your dog’s veterinarian to check if the dog requires any of these vaccines. The boarding facility may want to see the vaccination record of your pet.

Bring Their Belongings

  • Boarding can be an anxious experience for a pet. For this reason, you must choose a facility that can provide your dog with the comfort of a home. To make them feel at home, you should bring some of their personal belongings such as toys. If your dog cannot handle new food, it is advisable to bring food from home.

In addition, if your dog has a favorite toy or bedding, you should bring it along to make them feel secure and safe in the new environment. But first, check with the facility if they allow the items you wish to bring.

Do Your Research

  • Pet boarding facilities vary in policies, amenities, staff training, and off-leash playtime. It is advisable to do thorough research when looking for a pet boarding facility rather than settling for the first one you come across. When you physically visit the facility you will know if the environment is clean and safe for your dog.

The facilities which offer plenty of opportunities to play, run around, swim, or relax around should be preferred. These activities are ideal for decreasing the anxiety that your dog might feel during his time away from home. Make sure you choose a facility that suits your dog’s needs and temperament.

best boarding facility for your petShort And Calm Goodbyes

  • While saying your goodbyes do not make your dog feel that something suspicious is going to happen. It is advisable to avoid long and dramatic goodbyes while leaving the dog off at the boarding facility. Just act like it’s a normal goodbye on your way to work. A quick and loving pat on the head, while you walk out the door, would be sufficient.

You can only enjoy your vacation in a better way when you are satisfied that your dog is safe and in the right hands. Autumn Trails Veterinary Center offers veterinarian supervised safe, convenient, and affordable boarding. For further questions give us a call at 434-971-9800. We can help you plan your pet’s stay.