To ensure the health of your puppy, here is the complete guide to puppy vaccinations in the first year

Getting a new pet is memorable for every pet owner but living up to the responsibility of being one is the real task. To ensure the health of your puppy, there are certain vaccines that you must ensure your dog gets. With our complete guide of puppy vaccinations in the first year, you’re sure to be on the right track.

Why Are Vaccinations Important?

  • Vaccinating your puppy helps it grow into a healthy dog that is free from diseases. Not only does this ensure a better quality of life for your pet but it also ensures the safety of those who come in contact with it. For example, if your dog bites someone, they would be less at risk of catching an infection if it has been properly vaccinated. Although knowing basic first aid for your dog is something vets emphasize for pet owners, knowing about vaccines and shots is equally important.

The Guide To 1st Year Puppy Vaccinations

Some of the most important vaccines to get by the first year of your puppy’s life are as follows:

Distemper Vaccine

  • Distemper can be fatal and is usually transmitted through dogs, raccoons, foxes, and similar animals. Common symptoms are difficulty in breathing that can turn into seizures and death.

Adenovirus Shot

  • Adenovirus is also known as canine hepatitis and has no cure. It can cause the failure of the kidneys and is fatal. Since the disease is highly infectious, vaccination is important.

Parainfluenza Vaccine

  • Parainfluenza virus is the leading cause of respiratory diseases and kennel cough in dogs. It can cause mild to severe coughing and can be fatal in rare cases.

Parvovirus Vaccine

  • Dogs can suffer from the Parvovirus at any age but young puppies are especially vulnerable. Since there is no cure and the death rate is extremely high, vaccination is a must.

Leptospirosis Vaccine

  • Lepto attacks the kidneys and livers of dogs and can be passed onto human beings as well. The most noticeable symptoms of the disease are fever, lethargy, vomiting, refusal to eat, and kidney failure.

Coronavirus Vaccine

  • Coronavirus in dogs is very different from that in humans. It mainly attacks the immune system and digestive tract of dogs. Since it has no cure, vaccination is the first line of defense against it.

Bordetella Vaccine

  • Bordetella is a bacterial infection in dogs that leads to kennel cough. It is difficult to treat because it is resistant to antibiotics and can last a long time. Vaccination helps build immunity against the disease.

Vaccine for Canine Influenza

  • puppy vaccinationsCanine Influenza is also known as dog flu. It has two different strains H3N2 and H3N8 that are equally as dangerous. It can cause serious injury to the respiratory systems of dogs. You must vaccinate the puppy against both strains for full protection.

Rabies Vaccine

  • The most commonly known disease to vaccinate dogs against is rabies. In most areas, it is required by law as it can be deadly when transmitted to humans. Rabies vaccines are carried out in later years as well.

One of the most important things to keep in mind when vaccinating your puppy is to make sure their medical record is complied with and kept in one place. You should have proof of the vaccinations should you ever need them.

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