Vet provides proven tip to improve your cat’s health

Unlike dogs, cats are high-maintenance and expect their owners to maintain them well. They are not as expressive and intimate as dogs so the owner has to be more vigilant of their needs. The overall wellbeing of your cat depends on many factors such as the diet they receive. Being indoor pets, they depend on their owner for all their requirements.

If you wish to improve the health and quality of your cat’s life, you need to make certain changes in its lifestyle and health. Listed below are some proven diet tips which will make your cat healthier, happier and will increase its life span.

Feed More Meat

  • Even though cats have been domesticated for centuries, they share ties with the Felidae family which are strict carnivores. Raw meat is the primary source of their nutrition and energy. Canned food simply does not have the requisite amount of nutrition for cats to sustain healthily. A lot of pet owners opt for kibble because it is readily available and is easy to feed. Whereas kibble usually suffices the nutritional needs of dogs, it is simply not enough for cats.

Kibble lacks the optimal amount of proteins and water. It is mostly made of carbohydrates even though it is passed as protein-rich food. Feed raw fresh meat to your cats once a week and you will see a difference in their energy levels and overall health.

Watch Out Their Weight

  • Just like humans, cats invite a number of preventable diseases if they become overweight. As cats grow older their metabolism slows down and they start putting on weight. Add to if the fact that canned food does not provide them ample energy to move around and they prefer lying around than being on their feet. Obesity makes your cat more prone to diabetes, high blood pressure, cancer, and coronary diseases.

If your cat is showing signs of obesity, feed it more protein-rich food and limit the treats for some time. Engage her in physical activities so it remains on her feet and doesn’t become lazy.

Maintain a Feeding Schedule

  • Maintain a feeding schedule for your cat and stick to it. Try to feed your cat two to three meals a day with a gap of 4-6 hours in between. Cat becomes obsessed with food if they have a bowl full of food lying around all day. They cannot determine when to eat, how much to eat, and end up overfeeding themselves.

Your cat might send you signals to feed it when you are settling to eat yourself. Watch out for human foods that are toxic to your cats such as garlic, chocolate, nuts, onion, and raisins. Keep your cat’s feeding bowl filled with fresh and clean water 24/7.

Brush her Teeth

  • No, this is not a pun. Good overall health begins by maintaining excellent oral hygiene. Cats can suffer from dental issues similar to what humans suffer from such as gingivitis and dental decay. There are special toothbrushes and toothpaste available for cats in the market. Place your cat in your lap and gently goad her to open her mouth. Brush her teeth in slow motion so as not to startle it.

It is recommended that you brush your cat’s teeth daily but three times a week would do as well.

improve your cat's health with vet help

Get a Vet Onboard

  • Our pet animals need regular medical and dental checkups. These checkups are helpful in detecting a dangerous disease during its earliest stage. Medical checkups are even more important for cats because they tend to hide their illness from their owner.

Get a reliable vet onboard for your cat’s routine checkups and for any emergency checkups. If you are residing in Charlottesville, VA, contact Autumn Trails Veterinary Center. They provide excellent health care facilities for all kinds of pets.