5 must-knows about overnight pet boarding – The road to peace of mind

Whether your pet is a recent addition to your family or has been with you for years, leaving them for an extended period is always a challenge. However, you can take essential measures to ensure your pet’s comfort and make their overnight pet boarding experience enjoyable. Learn how an overnight pet boarding facility can be a rewarding and contented experience for you and your pet.

Explore The Boarding Options

  • The first step towards ensuring a stress-free pet boarding experience involves thorough research of boarding facilities. Invest time in identifying a reputable facility that meets your pet’s needs and caters to your preferences. By conducting proper research, you can choose an environment that guarantees your pet’s safety, hygiene, and comfort throughout your absence. This can help reduce your pet’s stress levels and ensure they receive the necessary care and attention.

Here are some key aspects to consider during your research:

  • Get recommendations from friends, family, or fellow pet owners who have used boarding services.
  • Browse the facility’s website and read reviews from previous customers. Look for consistent positive feedback and pay attention to any negative comments.
  • Arrange an in-person visit to the boarding facility. Observe its cleanliness, safety protocols, and animal welfare practices.
  • Inquire the staff about their facility, policies, and operational procedures.

Arrange An In-Person Visit To The Boarding Facility

  • Another tip is to get your pet familiar with the boarding facility. This can help reduce your pet’s anxiety and make them feel more comfortable when they stay there. Take your pet for a tour of the boarding facility before the actual stay. This allows them to explore the environment and get used to the sounds.

In addition, it allows the pet to interact with the staff and other animals at the boarding facility. This helps to create positive associations with the environment. Remember that every pet is different; some may take longer to adjust. So be patient and understanding of your pet’s needs, and take the time to help them feel comfortable and secure.

Communicate Your Pet’s Requirements and Preferences

  • It’s advisable to communicate your pet’s specific needs and preferences with the staff to guarantee a delightful experience for your pet throughout their stay. For instance, if your puppy doesn’t like mingling with larger dogs, it’s wise to convey this to the boarding facility’s team. This way, they can decide about your furry friend’s most suitable play areas and activities.

Create A Familiar Atmosphere

  • overnight pet boardingInclude toys, blankets, and food bowls in your pet’s belongings. These familiar items offer a touch of home in a new setting, promoting a sense of ease and reassurance. In addition, consider packing items that carry your scent, like a shirt or pillowcase, which can further comfort your pet.

Ensure you pack their regular food, treats, and any required medications. This maintains their routine and minimizes the chances of digestive discomfort. Mark your pet’s belongings with their name and instructions for the boarding staff to avoid any inconvenience.

Provide Contact Details

  • It’s natural to want updates on your pet’s well-being during your absence. Reputable pet boarding facilities often offer communication options such as texts, emails, or videos to keep you informed. When you drop off your pet, leave your contact details to facilitate easy communication between you and the facility staff.

Find peace of mind knowing your beloved pet is secure and in the right hands. Autumn Trails Veterinary Center provides veterinarian-supervised, safe, convenient, and affordable pet boarding. Let us take care of your furry companion while you enjoy your vacation. Call us at (434) 971-9800 to learn more and plan your pet’s stay today.