Diet is probably the most important factor which determines the health and wellbeing of any living being. Similar to humans, dogs’ diet requires special care and attention. Our pet dogs are dependant on us and cannot decide for themselves hence it is our duty to make sure that their diet is healthy, wholesome, and nutritious. 

Let us look at some important tips which will help ensure that your dog is getting healthy diet.

Read the Labels on the Food

  • The product labels contain information about all the ingredients, big or small, included in the food. Reading and understanding the ingredients will help you make an informed decision about the food you are about to purchase. It is recommended that you search the top 4 key ingredients listed on the food. Look for their nutritional values and what percentage of the recommended daily dose do they fulfill. 

Your google search will reveal if any of the ingredients can cause an allergic reaction in the dog. This is a one-time exercise and won’t take much time.

Include Organic and Fresh Food in the Diet

  • Fresh and whole foods are the healthiest dietary choice. They have live enzymes and are packed with all the nutrients your dog requires for a healthy living. Add apples, blueberries, broccoli, cantaloupe, and celery to your dog’s food. 

Whole foods are rich in fiber which regulates digestion and improves bowel movement. The onslaught of shelf-stable processed foods for dogs has made us forget the importance of fresh and raw food. Processed foods do not contain any live enzymes. They are just empty calories which give a feeling of fulfillment without adding any value. 

  • You can make vegetable or fruit puree for your dog, or you can feed them as a whole. This will help the teeth and gums get some exercise.

Include Anti-oxidant Rich Foods

  • Antioxidants are an important part of a healthy diet. They help fight diseases and reduce inflammation in the body. Inflammation is one of the leading causes of diseases like pancreatitis and arthritis in both humans and dogs. Whole, raw and organic foods are full of anti-oxidants.

On the other hand, commercially processed foods contain inflammatory compounds. Processed dog food is easy to feed and is readily available so it cannot be taken out of the equation completely. However, the inflammatory aspects can be countered with the inclusion of anti-oxidant rich foods.

  • Feeding fresh fruits and vegetables will help your dog lead a long and disease-free life.

Include Raw Coconut as Source of Fat

  • Dogs require fats for performing everyday functions. However, it is important to feed them low cholesterol healthy fats. The healthiest source of fats for dogs is cold-pressed virgin coconut oil. It is a highly saturated fat but it is a healthy choice because it is made of medium-chain fatty acids. They are easily digested and are converted into energy almost instantly. 

Hence, coconut oil does not get stored as fat in the body. Due to its quick digestion, it provides bursts of energy. These bursts of energy will keep your dog ticking and on his feet. Take him out on walks and put the energy to good use. Regular exercise will prevent your dog from obesity.

  • Along with coconut oil, feed your dogs with chia seeds, hempseed, or flaxseeds. They are full of Omega-3 which is important for your dog’s healthy growth. 

Incorporate these tips and notice a visible difference in your pet’s health. To ensure your pet’s health, it is important to get him medically examined every six months. Autumn Trails Veterinary Center is located in Charlottesville, VA. They conduct regular physical examinations for all types of pets. Contact them and get your pet examined every now and then.