Here are some of the best Halloween safety tips for pets from veterinaries

Humans and their pets share an unbreakable bond and the two have coexisted peacefully for centuries. However, this does not mean that pets and their masters always share the same perspective and are on the same page. Whereas Halloween is an enjoyable time for humans, it can be quite stressful for pet animals. 

The reason being that pets cannot comprehend the sudden change in everyday routine brought by Halloween. A dog’s natural instinct is to protect his home and his family. Dogs may perceive trick-or-treaters as a threat and can get riled up due to the onslaught of strangers ringing your bell every now and then. 

Whereas cats prefer a quiet and stress-free environment. They too can be spooked by the festive energy of Halloween.

Halloween presents multiple potential safety risks to pets. Vets from all across the USA have reported a 12% increase in veterinary emergency cases around Halloween season.  To keep your pets safe during Halloween, Autumn Trails and Veterinary Center located in Charlottesville, VA has brought to you 4 remarkable pet safety tips:

Don’t Go Overboard with Pet Costumes

Costumes are one of the most important components of Halloween. Humans look forward to wearing them but this is not the case with pet animals. Your pet animal may not enjoy wearing an overly restrictive costume. While choosing a costume for your pet, bear in mind the following:

  • The costume should not restrict its movements or cloud its vital senses such as the sense of sight and hearing.
  • The costume should be free of choking hazards such as small dangling balls or decorative pieces that can be swallowed by your pet.
  • Loose costumes can get stuck in a sharp object leading to injury.

If your pet is not comfortable wearing a costume, consider tying a festive bandana around your pet’s forehead instead of a full-fledged costume.

halloween safety tips for pets

Keep Them Safe From Hazardous Decorations

Fake spooky decorations can make your pets nervous. Your cat might get riled up due to fake spiders. It might hurt itself in its attempts to kill them. Therefore, it is safer to place your pets in their safe houses before you start decorating your home.

Avoid the following hazardous decorations if you have a pet lying around:

  • Lit candles can cause a fire hazard. The scent of the candles can be toxic to birds.
  • Rubber eyeballs, plastic wrappings, and fake cobwebs present a choking risk.
  • Glow sticks and fake blood can be poisonous if consumed. 

Look up pet-friendly Halloween decor ideas on the internet. Create a simple haunted house made of cardboard boxes and fill it with cat treats. This will keep your cat happy and safe.

Keep Them Safe Inside

  • Halloween is a specially dangerous time for your pet to wander outside unattended. On the eve of Halloween, there is a lot of hustle and bustle. The noises might startle your pet and there is a high probability it might go missing. Your pet can also fall prey to any ill-intended prank set up by some mean kids in the neighborhood.

It is more prudent to keep them safely inside during Halloween. We suggest you get a microchip for your dog. If not a chip, then make sure his collar is updated with the latest information. In case your pet goes missing, an ID tag or microchip can help in easy identification and fast reunion with your pet.  

Keep That Candy Away 

Chocolate poses a threat to your dog’s health. Dogs aren’t able to digest chocolate and it accumulates to poisonous levels inside the body. Make sure your dog doesn’t find any chocolate lying around. Beware of tin foil and cellophane wrappers as they pose a choking risk for pets.