Read on to learn about different ways to make stress-free traveling with your pet

Having furry friends in life come with certain restrictions and challenges. While traveling with them becomes a little daunting, leaving them behind is even more challenging. However, with proper planning and preparation, your next trip can become more exciting and more accessible. Here are a few things to keep in mind while traveling with your pet.

Prepare Your Pet In Advance

  • It is essential to prep your pet for the journey before traveling. This is because traveling can be stressful for animals. Some airlines prohibit bringing sedated animals onboard as sedation has its risks.

Focus on preparing your pet ahead of time. Allow them to get used to being in their carrier. Take plenty of toys with you and provide as much comfort as possible. A full stomach can increase the risk of motion sickness, so feed them just a light meal before traveling.

Conduct Research Beforehand

  • It is better to do your research and check if the hotel allows pets. Sometimes even pet-friendly hotels designate only certain rooms for pets. So, check in with the staff before booking a hotel room.

It may be helpful to call ahead and confirm if the cafes, restaurants, and other spots allow pets. It is your responsibility to make sure that you and your pet are comfortable. So do your research beforehand to prevent inconvenience and disappointment.

Perform A Safety Check

  • If you are traveling with a curious pet, perform a safety sweep of your accommodation. Look for electric cords and put them out of reach. Move the toilet paper off the holder to prevent messes.

Pet can end up with an upset stomach after chewing on toilet paper. Check under stands, tables, and beds for anything that the pet might find edible. Accidents can be prevented by doing a quick check of the room or rental home.

Prepare Necessary Documents

  • Studying the rules and regulations before planning a trip can help you big time. There are procedures to transport your pet, whether by car or plane. Many places require up-to-date health certificates for pets.

Make sure you keep all the necessary documentation ready, including proof of vaccination. Get them signed by a licensed veterinarian. Every airline has its policies; it is advisable to prepare your pet according to their guidelines.

Travel Essentials

  • Leash, harness, poop bags, ID tags, collapsible bowls, dog food, and basic medicines are some of the travel essentials for pets. It is crucial to keep your pets hydrated, so carry enough water with you. If you are going on a road trip, get a durable crate for your pet.

It is not safe to leave the pet behind in the backseat of a car. Train your pet to stay in the crate. This will give them a sense of security which is necessary to alleviate any anxiety that pets might feel during the trip. If your pet has motion sickness, keep paper towels or wet pads to reduce the mess.

Carry Pet Belongings

  • traveling with your petWhen pets are out of their area, they feel anxious. To prevent them from stressing out, make them feel comfortable by bringing their familiar objects. Carry their belongings such as bed, blanket, favorite toys, and feeding tray to make them feel at home. Once you check into a hotel, let your pet free to sniff around. It is essential to stay close until they feel safe in a new place. This will help reduce their anxiety.

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