Here is the list of 4 lesser known benefits of pet boarding

Regardless of how much you adore your pet, you will have to leave them behind, whether it’s for a vacation or a conference out of town. Pet parents want to ensure the safety and comfort of their pets at times like these. Leaving your pet at a boarding facility is an excellent option apart from hiring a sitter. Continue reading to find out how pet boarding benefits your pet.

Allows Socialization With Other Pets

  • Pet boarding is an ideal option if your pet likes to be around other people and animals. The top-notch pet boarding facilities have a cage-free time planned for your pet. During this time, pets can exercise and socialize all they want. Pets that like socializing can benefit from this by interacting with other pets.

This is good for their physical as well as mental well-being. The caregivers at pet boarding ensure that they create a positive experience for your pet while you are away. Pets receive maximum comfort and adequate attention each day, preventing them from becoming anxious during their stay away from home.

Opportunity To Play And Exercise

  • Pet boarding facilities allow your pets to go outside in the fields to exercise and enjoy themselves in the natural surroundings. Caregivers keep an eye on pets to prevent any unwanted incidents during this time. The best thing about pet boarding is that it has open spaces and fields where your pet can play with other animals.

Some boarding facilities also have single-room options for cats and dogs who dislike socializing. This allows them more privacy and quiet until they are comfortable in the boarding environment.

A Safe And Supervised Environment

  • One of the essential aspects of pet boarding is security. Pet boarding allows your pet to be secure in its own space. Nobody enters the property except staff and pet owners, thus allowing your pet to remain comfortable and relaxed. Your pets are under high-level supervision throughout their stay.

This eliminates the risk of fights and prevents the pets from feeling threatened. Moreover, the certified staff in a pet boarding facility is trained in identifying different pet behavior. They are equipped to efficiently handle the needs and personalities of each pet.

Monitoring Of Food And Medications

  • benefits of pet boardingAnother essential benefit of pet boarding is that your pet receives optimal nutrition during its stay. The staff and caregivers at a boarding facility ensure that your dog or cat receives his meals and medications on time. Pets are fed regularly based on their nutritional needs. Pets with allergies, health issues, or specific needs receive special food based on the pet’s health condition. While hydration needs are often overlooked at home, this does not happen in a pet boarding facility.

Caregivers know precisely when and how much fluids your pet needs. They ensure to keep them hydrated by supplying adequate amounts of water. Some of the reputable pet boarding facilities have certified veterinarians working with them. This is particularly beneficial for pets with allergies or other health concerns. Pet boarding has several advantages for you and your pet. Knowing that your pet is under the care of trained staff and a certified vet puts your mind at ease and allows you to properly enjoy your vacation.

You can enjoy your vacation better when you are satisfied that your pet is safe and in the right hands. Autumn Trails Veterinary Center offers veterinarian-supervised, safe, convenient, and affordable boarding. For further information, give us a call at 434-971-9800. We can help you plan your pet’s stay.