chocolate poisoning in dogs what to do

Perils of Chocolate Poisoning in Dogs Around Halloween

How should you deal with chocolate poisoning in dogs? Halloween is a festive holiday. It brings lots of amusement, excitement, and much-anticipated candy. Kids and adults both enjoy eating overdosing on candy especially during the Halloween season. Excess of candy is bad for everyone, as it can lead to dental issues and stomach ache.  While […]

improve your cat's health with these tips

5 Proven Tips to Improve Your Cat’s Health

Vet provides proven tip to improve your cat’s health Unlike dogs, cats are high-maintenance and expect their owners to maintain them well. They are not as expressive and intimate as dogs so the owner has to be more vigilant of their needs. The overall wellbeing of your cat depends on many factors such as the […]

signs your cat needs medical care

4 Alarming Signs Your Cat Needs Medical Care

Vet explain the signs when your cat needs medical care Cats are a common house pet. Despite their domesticity, they are predators by nature. Cats have a natural inclination to hide their illness to avoid showing vulnerability and to appear powerful among other predators. This elusive nature of cats and their inclination to self-protect make […]