how to treat lyme disease in dogs

What Is Lyme Disease In Dogs? Symptoms And Treatment

Learn what top veterinarians have to say about Lyme disease in dogs Certain species of ticks are the carriers of infectious diseases. Lyme is a bacterial disease caused by a certain species known as Deer ticks. It can be transmitted to dogs, other animals, and humans. It is also called Lyme Borreliosis.  Lyme disease was […]

causes of roundworm infection in dogs treatment

What Are The Symptoms and Causes of Roundworm Infection in Dogs

Roundworms can be dangerous for your dog. Learn the symptoms and causes of roundworm infection Roundworms are common parasites that infest a dog’s internal systems. They are also called nematodes or ascarids. Roundworms are usually found inside the dog’s intestines where they feed on half-digested food. Puppies are more susceptible to developing a roundworm infection. […]