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Dr. Michael Young DVM, Associate Veterinarian

Dr. Michael Young DVM, Associate Veterinarian

A graduate of North Carolina State University College of Veterinary Medicine, Dr. Young spent 27 years in New Jersey as a small animal veterinarian and practice owner until his retirement in 2016. Moving back home to Central Virginia, he was quite happy no longer having to deal with the responsibilities of owning and managing a busy veterinary practice.

He did find, however, that he missed interacting with clients and critters, so it wasn’t difficult to persuade him to join the staff at Autumn Trails as a part-time Associate Veterinarian. He brings with him a wealth of experience in small animal medicine and surgery that you can rely on to help you make decisions about the care of your four-legged friends.

When not at Autumn Trails, it may be difficult to actually find Dr. Young. If he is not at home hanging out with his two Rottweilers and two Shiba Inus, he may be a hundred feet underwater somewhere in the Caribbean or the South Pacific. Or he may be riding to Key West or out to South Dakota on his motorcycle with his best friend Lisa. He has also been known to spend time on his boat on Lake Anna teaching fish how not to get caught.